HotCars Spotlights an Exciting New Nissan GT-R Special Edition

In a recent auto news release, the dot-com wing of the sport and custom car magazine glowed in its enthusiasm for the expected limited 50-model run of the celebrated Nissan sports car, and we can certainly see why. It was designed to commemorate Naomi Osaka's incredible defeat of the tennis superstar Serena Williams at the US Open finale in September 2018. Osaka herself even became a de facto Nissan brand ambassador, too, as she assisted in colorizing the beast, its interior set to appear in a selection of tan, cream, or red and its exterior coming in striking purple, white, and black. Other features we can look forward to seeing, the writer relays, are a serious new carbon fiber spoiler and a gold-hued model-number plate in on the engine to mark the occasion.

The special edition will be joining another one-time sibling that came down the pipe earlier this year to celebrate 50 years of the Nissan GT-R, the GT-R50 -- a car that can only be described as the superbly styled and blazing-fast result of a partnership with Italdesign. It housed a monster GT3 competition-spec turbocharged and intercooled 720-horsepower engine, complete with high-flow fuel injectors, enhanced engine and driveline components, and a reinforced dual-clutch gearbox. Needless to say, it's telling of what we can look forward to.

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