Summer Car Care Tips

While you might expect battery trouble in the winter, it's the high temperatures of summer that can have an even greater impact on how your battery functions here in Butler, NJ. Caring for your car before and during the summer months can go a long way to having a smooth driving season. When the temperatures begin to climb in Totowa, you don't want to spend any time stranded on the side of the road.

The liquid in your battery is partly composed of water, which can evaporate, leaving you with a battery that can't properly hold a charge. Top up the liquid level if you see that it has dropped, and check it regularly to ensure it's always ready for the demands placed on it by the air conditioner as you cruise through Oak Ridge, NJ.

Keep an eye on your engine's temperature as you're driving through Wayne, NJ. Coolant levels falling will cause your engine to overheat faster. Make sure you've topped up the liquids in your engine, which includes wiper fluid, so you can adequately clean away the dust and bug splatters that inevitably follow warm temperatures. Other fluids to keep an eye on include transmission fluid, motor oil, brake fluid, and power steering fluid.

You'll want to check your tire pressure also before you drive through West Milford. Changes in temperature and normal seepage rates can affect the amount of air in your tires. If they're underinflated, they're at greater risk of causing a blowout on the streets of Parsippany. Check the pressure after your car has been sitting for a while in order to get the most accurate reading.

Breaking down in your car is not an inevitable event, but it's always good to treat it as though it will be. Stock your car with essentials in case you end up stranded by the side of the road so that you stay comfortable in the heat until help arrives. Water, a flashlight, jumper cables, emergency flares, or a high visibility triangle, and even some shelf-stable food items are a good idea to keep on hand.

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