The Nissan Rogue Performs

Nissan Rogue remains a popular option when looking for style and space. However, the SUV also comes with a number of upgraded performance features. The standard 2.5-liter engine provides power along with fuel efficiency. The Xtronic transmission enhances both power and fuel economy by automatically adjusting to meet specific needs.

Choose the all-new Intelligent all-wheel-drive system that senses and adapts to variable driving conditions with intense speed. Whether driving on rain, snow or rough terrain, the drivetrain is designed to accept the challenge and transfer power to the one or both axles when needed. Whether taking the family on a road trip or battling inclement weather while driving across town, the Rogue safely gets you to your destination comfortably. You need to come to the Performance Nissan showroom and learn more about the amenities and features found in the latest Nissan Rogue models. Indulge in a test drive.

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