The Nissan Altima has Power and Fuel Economy

The mid-sized sedan is a popular option for style and design. However, the Altima also gets rave reviews for performance. The four-cylinder engine delivers 179 horsepower and a fuel efficiency rating of 27/38 mpg. The 3.5L V6 engine ups the power by providing 270 horsepower. Yet, fuel economy does not take that much of a hit with an impressive 22/32 mpg. rating.

Nissan's special Xtronic transmission is nearly gearless, which allows the engine to function at the appropriate rpms in the moment. Whether traveling through the city or cruising on the open highway, you get the power you need. Enhance your driving experience by choosing either the select drive or shift modes for everyday or long-distance driving. Take a Nissan Altima for a test drive at Performance Nissan and let it perform for you. In addition, take the time to explore the amenity options.

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